There is only one question to answer this week…and here it is. I must get thinking for this one! Here are my ‘things’ as they come to mind.

List at least 50 Things You Enjoy.

  1. Writing
  2. Music
  3. Movies that make me laugh or cry
  4. Coffee-fresh ground
  5. Traveling
  6. A warm breeze on my face
  7. Art
  8. Drawing
  9. Mountains
  10. Nature-the more green I see, the better!
  11. Family!!!  And may I add, this list is NOT in any particular order!
  12. Babies-the cuddling, the smell!
  13. Cooking
  14. Blogging
  15. Genealogy- I love learning about my ancestors 10313847_438533869636222_2093000176856279058_n
  16. Photography
  17. Motorcycle trips with friends
  18. True friends
  19. Clay Aiken
  20. Check ups that are normal
  21. Being a mom
  22. Good conversation!
  23. Social media-the positive aspect of it
  24. Giving presents TO people
  25. Making a difference
  26. Remembering the people who are gone-even while missing them much!
  27. Reading
  28. Cats
  29. Going out to dinner with friends
  30. Exercising my right to vote
  31. Getting comments and likes on my blog 🙂
  32. Having family artwork hanging on my walls
  33. My talented and kind children
  34. Watching my husband laugh and smile while with our friends
  35. National Inclusion Project Gala every year
  36. Getting my hair ‘done’ when it is past due-the renewal is great
  37. Keeping up to date with family and friends on Facebook
  38. Holding hands
  39. Hugs
  40. Cooking for holidays
  41. Crocheting
  42. Laughing
  43. Playing Cards Against Humanity and laughing until I cry
  44. Being tall
  45. Being an author
  46. New York City and most especially Broadway shows
  47. Collecting angels of all kinds
  48. Christmas tree lights
  49. Trying new restaurants
  50. Doing this challenge every week!