I am sure many of you have seen the post of Facebook that shows up, off and on, about trying to not complain for 24 hours and see what happens.  I know I have and today it surfaced yet again.  I have often thought of TRYING to do that, knowing I probably wouldn’t last long at all.  For a moment, think about what you complain about in a day.

It’s too cold. It’s too hot. My head hurts. My back hurts.  No one can pick up after themselves. There is too much laundry.  There is never enough money. There is snow in the forecast already. Drivers are not safe and are aggravating. No one pays attention. Gas is too expensive. Groceries are too expensive. Nothing is on tv. The internet is too slow. My pants are too tight. The waitress is too slow. My house is too messy. I don’t like my car.

You get the idea.  I started thinking about it and was shocked at how much we (me) complain in a day!

So today, I am going to try this challenge.  24 hours of no complaining.  I have no doubt I will slip up.  If I do, I will try again.  Even if I catch myself complaining, I will not allow myself to quit at that point.  I want to go the whole 24 hours and see what happens. See how I feel and possibly how others around me feel, too.


Will you join me? Then report back.  I would love to know how you did.  Did you last? Did you quit?  Was it hard? Or easy?

Most of all, what positive things happened because of it?

Ready, set, GO!