First things first-Happy Election Day!  No matter what party affiliation you are, make sure you go vote!!!

Okay, today is Random Picture Tuesday yet again.  I am wondering if I should keep it up or not?  Any thoughts?

Today’s number is 25, thanks to my son.


I must have a lot of pictures of New York City on my computer as here is another one!  I like this one as it shows the map of Central Park!  We had walked here from our hotel room, which was many many many blocks away! It was my first time at Central Park and I was amazed as to the size of it. It really wasn’t anything like I expected.  It was actually so much more. We were looking at the map to see where we were in comparison to Strawberry Fields. We knew if there was one spot in Central Park that we had to go it was there. It was quite a walk to find it, but definitely worth it.  The picture of the Imagine memorial to John Lennon was the wallpaper on my phone for so long. I have a picture of it from my last trip there as my cover picture on Facebook right now! I am pretty sure that it will be a given, each time I travel there, to make a visit to Central Park and Strawberry Fields. There is just so much to see at the park that it is hard to cover in any short trip!