Thoughts On This First Day of November

My last blog was on the imprints we make in others life.  I mentioned losing too many lately with the possibility of losing others.  I wondered why I had woke up thinking about it that day.


Yesterday, I lost my wonderful Aunt Alice. She was not my aunt by blood but she was as much an aunt to me as those that are. She was married to my Uncle Roy and was one of my mom’s best friends.  I don’t know anyone who could say one bad thing about her.  She was such an inspiration to me.  She had first battled cancer so long ago. It was the first time she beat it.  It came back and she beat it again.  Then again.  This time, she was older, probably tired of fighting.  But I don’t want to tell you more about that part.  I just want to share that she was a bright light in this world.  Always happy, smiling and laughing with a laugh that was so unique and uplifting.  I can’t imagine another family reunion without her and her potato salad, or hearing her laugh in the background, or her asking you how you were.  RIP dear Alice.  The world is a bit darker now without you.

I was looking out the kitchen window this morning, wondering how it could be November yet again. Wondering how it is possible. Wishing time could slow down just a little bit.  We live in such a fast paced world these days it seems like it flies by faster all the time.  I was looking out, missing the green leaves, the green corn that has long turned to brown and mostly has been harvested by now, leaving behind the brown fields of all. I was thinking that soon it would be winter with all of its cold, snow and blizzards. I was dreading it. I had to stop myself because I don’t want to lose a minute of the joy of this day or the beauty of it worrying about what will be, especially something like weather.  Winter will come, and we will endure again, even finding the beauty in the falling snow that is inevitable.

Lastly, I was thinking about family and friends.  About how some people, even if you are related by blood, doesn’t mean you are close.  I know some family that don’t even like each other.  There are many who are not related by blood who become our family.  Those who we call friends, but who are so much more.  Those that you know would be there no matter what. I was thinking about those not here and how that thing called time has flown much too fast.  In a blink of an eye, it all changes. In a blink of an eye, so many are gone. In a blink of an eye……

Right now, so appropriately, Knockin On Heaven’s Door is playing in my earbuds. Think I will go listen.


  1. It’s sometimes hard to stay in the moment, isn’t it? We’re always thinking ahead, saying what’s next. Thanks for the reminder to appreciate each moment, each day.

  2. Staying present in the moment is greatly affected by all the technology around us and in our hands. How many times do you find that instead listening to the real person in front of you, you are peering at a screen? I think that the joy we find or lose each moment is directly related to our ability to interact with the moment. Thanks for sharing with such authentic vulnerability.

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