For some reason, upon awakening this morning, I thought about this. I am not sure why.  Maybe it is because of the loss of too many people lately.  Maybe it is the possibility of losing others. For whatever reason, I got to thinking about it.


When you read that question, what came to your mind?  Did you think in the larger scope of life? Did you think about the ‘big’ things?  I think that is what we might naturally first think about. You might not have written a book, became a famous singer or actor, painted a famous picture, or anything like that. Is that the kind of imprint you want to leave behind?  If it is, I hope it happens for you.

I am thinking more of all of the other things.  The little things, if you will.  They may seem like little things to us, but maybe not to someone else.  I am thinking of things like being a parent, a teacher.  No, they are NOT small things, but maybe common things that happen, or we become that we don’t realize how much of a difference they can make. I bet we all have a teacher or two that made a difference in our life, one that we will never forget. Do you think they knew that?  Of course bringing children in the world leaves an imprint on it.  Just think the imprints they can also leave in the world!

Did you ever give someone a hug that meant the world to them?


Did you answer the phone when someone needed someone to talk to? Did you smile at a stranger not knowing you may have just made a difference in their day?

Did you rescue an abandoned animal?


Leaving an imprint doesn’t have to mean doing something ‘big’!  Each day we are leaving our imprints on the world-on the people in it.  I sometimes wonder during my travels or my every day life, if I have met some people for a reason.  I remember many who left their imprint on my life. Some I never knew their name and sometimes it may be for small reasons. But it was left just the same.

Think about it today for a bit.  I bet you can come up with more ways than you could imagine as to how you are leaving your imprint in the world and in the life of those around you!  I hope that even one of my posts might leave a small one in yours. Your comments, and just by you reading this, you leave an imprint in mine!