We Are Deep Into Fall-And You Know What That Means…


THIS comes next!

Yup, this is me.  I should be enjoying the beauty of fall.  Don’t get me wrong. I do.  I love everything about fall.  The colors of the trees when they change are incredible.


(Photo by Beth Ann Brown Chiles used by permission)

I love pumpkin anything, so it goes without saying I would love the season of the pumpkin. Pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin froyo, pumpkin lattes…. Think I am getting hungry!

But I know what is coming.


Cold. Snow. Blizzards. Ice….

As harsh as it can be like in the first picture, it can also be very beautiful.


It still gets old and long very fast. We complain but we stay. You may wonder why.

We always get to look forward to spring and summer.  Spring is my favorite season. It is a time of renewal.  I love seeing everything turn green again. After the cold and white of winter, the green and warmth are more than welcome. They are necessary.


One of the best things about living in the Midwest that people will tell you is the changing of the seasons. It is something I love. There is something beautiful in each one.

Yes, I will complain about the cold and the snow, especially if it is happening every other day. I will still keep you updated on Facebook as to the weather situation and I will still get ribbed about it. But I will still find the beauty in the new snow and I will look forward to the warmth and renewal of the spring!


  1. You had to go put those pictures of winter up, didn’t you? I am soooo not ready for it. At least this year I can escape to Texas every now and then, right? The snow is very pretty and quite honestly I would love it if it only fell on the grass and not the sidewalks and driveways and roads. I don’t ask for much!!! Lovely post, Joy!

    • Yup, I did! lol. Yes, at least you can escape to Texas. Don’t be surprised to find some of us hidden in your suitcase! 😉 And I agree…if somehow we could keep it off the roads and sidewalks, it would be much easier to tolerate! Thanks!

  2. I love the pictures and I so miss the change in seasons still after 22 years! Bill and I are moving to Valdez, AK on the 15th and once again it will take time to acclimate. Snowfall there can mean up to 9 feet or more at a time!!! Yes, you heard me right!!! Just another of life’s adventures for me. So once again thanks for your blog. I really enjoy reading them Joy.

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