I do know that yesterday was my Random Picture Tuesday day.  I was given two different numbers to pick from but the pictures just didn’t work or give me anything to write about that would be different.  Do you really need to see another sunrise or another New York City picture?  Not at the moment, I didn’t think.  I tried all day, and nothing.  So I decided to try this morning.  And I got this.


This is a picture truly different from my others. It should be a Throwback Thursday picture. This one goes WAY back!  It was taken when I was in high school!

My creative writing/journalism/newspaper advisor teacher came to us right out of college. It was a bit strange having a teacher in high school that was barely older than you were.  I remember many times her first year that the guys in the class would make her cry and she would leave the room!  She ended up being one of my favorite teachers ever.  I was the yearbook editor and she was the advisor for that and I learned a lot about picture placement and white space that I still use today. (I wish many had learned what we had and would use it.  I can’t tell you how it makes me cringe when a picture is placed to that it looks like someone is looking off the page!)

But about this picture!

Our teacher was dating the town’s newspaper editor at the time and he got an invite to an evening with Roy and Dale Rogers.  Their son was with them too.  She brought three of us from the high school paper with her.  It was an interesting evening. When we got our picture taken with Roy, the lady to the left ran up and got in it.  She is not our teacher and I have no idea who she was!  The girl in the middle was our editor.  I wonder sometimes where she ended up.  Then there is me.  No comment.  Okay, one…nice hair!  Hey, it was the 70’s!

Then Bill, may he RIP!   Bill was one great fun friendly guy!  We had some great times.  I remember several years ago, seeing his obituary in the paper.  He had moved to California.  They had found him in his home, passed away.  I never heard why.  I just knew I was sad knowing he was gone and gone too soon.  Somehow we seem to lose a lot of good people far too soon!