I am sitting here, like any day, catching up on my email and seeing what is new on Facebook. I have brewed a second pot of coffee and grabbed the coffee cup that I have been using lately, again. IMG_2369 As I grabbed it, I smiled, thinking, I am having coffee with my mom. You see, this was her cup and when I would go visit her, the coffee would be on and this is the cup I would grab to use. It is my ‘coffee with mom’ cup! I often remember going to her house, walking in the back door, seeing her sitting in her chair at the end of the table. She most days would have a book in her hand, a coffee cup in front of her.  If the coffee happened to be out at the moment, she would be sure to brew a new pot so we could have some. I started drinking it in middle school. I have never stopped!  My kids drink it too, and we carry on the tradition of drinking it together. Sometimes at local coffee shops.  I don’t know if they have any particular cup that they would think of as the one they had coffee with mom with, but one of my sons often grabs the one that was my grandmother’s.  I have a couple of hers, too. Jamie has a cup of coffee each morning with breakfast and he always picks one of her cups.  Maybe he likes having coffee with his great grandma! After my stepfather passed away, my mom sold the house and moved to an apartment. I would still go visit and still have coffee in this cup with her.  Truth be told, I sure missed pulling into the driveway of her house and going in that familiar back door, sitting at her kitchen table, having coffee there with her! After the apartment came assisted living and although she had a kitchenette in her apartment there, I don’t recall ever making coffee there.  I would walk down to their common area and grab a cup.  It, of course, was not the same. When my mom passed away, there wasn’t a lot to divide, and I really only wanted something that meant something to me.  Like this cup. It may seem so simple or even silly to some, but it means a lot to me. When I grab a cup of coffee in it, it makes me smile and think of my mom. Sure, it makes me miss her, but I like to think that maybe we are still having a cup of coffee together, still!