I remembered!  Today’s number comes from a roll of a dice.  My son left some of his gaming dice on a shelf so I grabbed one and rolled it.  I got… Lucky number 13. Which is this picture today… IMG_0050 Ah, Times Square. New York City. LOVE the place! I never thought in my life I would ever make it out to New York City. It seemed like somewhere that was out of my reach. I have had several trips out there and hope to have many more!  It has become one of my very favorite places to go. I remember the first time I went there.  I was in awe.  If front of me were all the places and the landmarks I had seen on tv and in the movies. You know how everything looks so different in person? This did too. But it held up to all expectations.  I remember the first couple visits, I spent a lot of time in Times Square.  It is an amazing, yet super crowded place.  I love all of the lights at night.  That still Is an incredible site to see. I remember the first time I was walking by myself through Times Square, knowing where I was going. It made me smile. During one of my visits, I was walking to a dinner destination with a friend when we were stopped for directions.  Was it because we were dressed in black, we didn’t look like tourists? Who knows.  Better than being stopped, was that we knew just where it was she was looking for directions to and we could tell her! I found that the more I went to NYC, the more I liked to expand to other places.  I have walked to Central Park and through it a couple times! I have made a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art-and definitely plan to return there!  What an incredible place! The art from so long ago absolutely fascinated me! I have been to Carnegie Hall, and attended the finale of Celebrity Apprentice. One of my favorite things to do while visiting NYC is to take in Broadway shows!  I could spend all my time doing that! The talent always blows me away and there is absolutely nothing like sitting in the audience and getting to experience one of these shows live! I hope if you ever get the chance, and have ever wanted to go to NYC, you will do it!  It is an incredible place with so much going on, once will never be enough!