Why? Because I totally forgot all about it yesterday! What makes it crazy, is that during a brief break in the day I mentioned needing something to write about AND I spent the day sorting out old photos, trying to downsize from all our photo albums! Number of the day was 8, picked by Jamie this morning, but it was one of the kids and I know you just don’t share it with the world without permission.  I decided that whatever was on the screen when I came back from putting towels away, would be the picture. That was this one. IMG_0612 This was taken during our 2012 trip to Washington, D.C. for the National Inclusion Project’s Gala.  I have spoke before about it being held there and being able to see many sites that I never thought I would.  None had quite the affect on me as this one-Arlington National Cemetery. We had the honor of being there and being able to watch the changing of the guard.  What made it more profound was having this group there at the same time.  It was obvious a group of veterans and I am assuming they were probably an Honor Flight group. I found myself watching their reactions, just as much, if not more than watching the soldiers that were doing the changing of the guard ceremony.  I couldn’t imagine what they felt or were thinking.  I know I was moved beyond words. I had a huge lump in my throat. I felt pride. I felt grateful. It was one of those amazing experiences that you knew would never be replicated-one you would keep with you forever.