Number 14 was given to me for this week. It is always interesting counting and waiting to see what will come up, wondering if it will even be a picture I could write about. Today’s picture: IMG_1668 This is one of the pictures taken outside while walking in Las Vegas, looking at the sights, during some free time.  We had taken a trip there in February with some fellow Harley Owner’s Group officers for a training. I was thrilled to be able to go for this, as I had never been to Vegas before. What better way to see it than with your husband and friends? It was February so the weather was perfect. Back home, the temperatures were frigid but in Las Vegas, they were in the 70’s! I just wanted to be outside and enjoy it, day and night. We got to see many things that again, I never thought in my life I would see. It is always interesting to see things in person that you have only seen on tv or in magazines.  I have said it before, but I can’t say it enough, I feel very blessed for being able to see many places I had never expected to. The best part of the trip was making it with friends. One of them, I have written about on my blog when I have written about cancer. One of them had been newly re-diagnosed. She had had her first chemo from this round just days before we went. I admire her tenacity. She was understandably tired at times, but we made many wonderful memories.  To me, that was the best part of the trip. We saw the lights of the Bellagio, we had our picture taken together around a Harley and we cried, knowing that would probably never happen again-that this was truly a once in a lifetime trip.