Today’s number comes from Jamie.  I asked him what his favorite number was and he answered, “One.” That makes it easy to ‘wait’ for the picture of the day. And here it is: IMG_1610 My first reaction today when I saw what was the first picture, was, to smile sadly.  I thought. Perfect. This one picture today pretty much sums up how I am feeling at the moment and have been feeling recently.  But how do I describe it? You are looking at a flower that was beautiful and blooming not long before this picture was taken. It made me happy to look at it, made me feel warm inside. But then, that all starts to fade and the flower begins to get darker as it slowly dies. And yet, there is beauty in that flower, too. I think, sometimes, you try so hard to bloom where you are, but due to factors outside of your control, that doesn’t happen and if it does, it doesn’t last. I think, when looking at this it is a picture of opposites.  Happy-sad. Living-dying. Beautiful-ugly. What do you feel or think of when you see this today?