I have touched on the subject of words several times in other blogs. I have talked about the power they hold. I have talked about how words can hurt. Or heal. Can show gratitude. So many things. Today, I want to talk about what can happen when the words spoken are untrue. It amazes me always the power words have. It makes me sad to know how the words spoken that are untrue can affect someone. And continue to.


What do you do when these words are said about you and if affects a part of your life you loved? How do the people who speak these words on purpose do it? And why, I wonder. I wonder if they think about it before hand. What convinces someone that it is okay. I wonder if they think about it afterword. Is there ever regret? What about the people these things were told to? How do they believe it? Why doesn’t anyone ask if they are true? Why isn’t it questioned?

I wonder if they think long term.  Am I supposed to be okay with what was said and what transpired after it? Many people tell me to move on, I know the truth. I should forget about it. Be happy.  But what they don’t understand is, I can’t. I feel hurt. Sad. Mad. I have tried to forget but it is impossible. How do you do that?

I sit in limbo, it seems.  Wanting to move on, knowing I can’t yet. It is something I think about always. Does anyone else? Why are people suddenly silent? Do they believe the words, or maybe they know they were not true and that is why? I can’t help think it must seem easier to them. But none of it has been easy for me.

Just think of the hurt that people could avoid if untrue words weren’t spoken or written. I always wonder how the people doing that would feel if the tables were turned on them.

Before you speak about someone, or write something, make sure it is true, first of all. And even with that, make sure your intentions are not to hurt someone. That is never okay.  Words do hurt. Words you say and write do matter.

Speak and write with good intentions and kindness always.