I certainly don’t intend to just post on Tuesdays with no new blogs in between, but here it is, Tuesday already and time for my next random picture.  I asked on Facebook and got a number immediately. (Thanks, Beth!)  Number 21 was the winner today.  I sat and let my screen saver run until it got to the number selection of the day. I wondered what it would be today. Hoping for something fun and exciting, afraid of something blurry, something boring.  Tempted just a little to skip the picked number this time and try again.  BUT that would negate the point of it all.

Number 21 this morning:


Snow. Lots of it. It is funny, because just yesterday, as the calendar turned to September, I couldn’t help but think how this summer flew by and winter would be here too soon!  Sometimes it seems like our winters last so long and our other seasons are just a day or so.  Which is, of course, not true, but when winters are long and hard and spring and fall barely last, it can seem that way.

I will post pictures in the winter and people will comment on how beautiful it is.  Normally, these are people that are not here living in it! It can be beautiful, absolutely!  But, the white, sparkling beauty of it is short-lived. White snow gets dirty quite fast. It piles up, and it can be hazardous to drive in.  After awhile, so much white everywhere can get tiresome!

I am one that prefers green, like most.  I love the renewal of Spring and I love the crispness and colors of fall!  I would take them all year long, please! I guess it is worth living through the winters to be able to see the newness and greening of spring and the changing of our seasons!

There is one more thing about this picture that I will point out and I am sure when I do, it might be all you notice if you look at it again! It was pointed out to me last winter when I posted it elsewhere.  See the snow on the car, by the taillight?  Tell me that you don’t see a rabbit sticking out his tongue! Hey, sometimes you have to find the humor and a smile, even in the cold of winter!