I have been trying to think of something to do on here to keep me writing even on days when I can’t think of a subject. One day as my screensaver kicked in, it came to me, I should pick a number and whatever picture came up, I post it and write something on it.  It might be not much, a word or two, or it might inspire much more.  I won’t know until the picture comes up and I post it.

Today’s number was 5.  I had that number in my head for some unknown reason.  But I asked my son anyhow, for a number. He said 5.  So obviously, 5 it was. I waited for the screensaver to kick in and this picture was number 5.


This is one of the windows of The Ames Historical Society in Ames, Iowa. You can read all about it on their website Ames Historical Society .

I do love places like this.  I love looking at the history of places, love looking at all of the old things in them, from the items displayed to the pictures.  I try to imagine how life was at that time.  It fascinates me to see these moments in time captured. Do you have a historical society or museum in your town?  Have you ever visited it? Take a day and go explore, go back it time. Imagine.

Now, I didn’t just randomly take a picture of one of the windows of the Ames Historical Society. Even though, it wouldn’t be out of the normal for me to, I had a great reason to take pictures of their windows.  My daughter at the time was a student in the graphic design program of Iowa State.  This window along with the others are HER designs that were picked to be their windows. I can’t tell you how proud I am of her!  If you are ever in Ames, stop by and check out her windows, along with stepping inside to learn a bit about the history of Ames.