In this fast paced, instant news, sometimes self-centered world, I think that people can forget that kindness matters. I touched a bit Sunday on how words and actions can easily hurt.  On the other hand, words and actions can make a difference in someone’s world when they have good and kind intentions behind them.

There are so many ways that you can be kind to someone…Some are as simple as a smile.  Don’t ever underestimate the power of a smile.  You never know what another is going through and that just might make a difference in someone’s day.

Jamie is one of the most polite people I know.  He will always greet you by name.  If you are a cashier in a store and have waited on him, chances are he has looked at your name tag and addressed you by your name.  He always says thank you. If you say that to him, or do something for him, bring him something, even his medicine, he will tell you thank you.  I wish more people could be as polite as him. It really takes no effort!

Not long ago I heard a sad little meow while doing the dishes.  I knew it was a kitten that sounded like it was in trouble. I went and checked it out.  There was a tiny little kitten hiding in here


My son’s girlfriend and my daughter spent a long hour trying to coax it out. They finally got it, she took it home and cleaned it up and loved it a bit. My son took HIM the next day to the vet who declared him healthy and told him that if they hadn’t rescued it, he would not have lived but a couple days.  The kindness shown to this animal made a difference to him…and now, they have a new little kitten to love.  It made a difference to them.  I think he looks pretty happy these days.


There is the kind of kindness many of us do. Helping others in need. It is just the right thing to do.  Just think of the difference you are making in someone’s world.  As someone who was on the receiving end many years ago, I know it is something that you carry within your heart forever.


There are so many ways to be kind. Such little ones. Such big ones.  But all matter…  Kindness shows up from the things I have talked about to other simple things….If you are a biker you understand when something happens to one of you, everyone pitches in…..It can be as simple as a dead battery that needs jumped to a foot peg that needs adjusted.  I labeled this next picture “How many bikers does it take to fix a foot peg?  All of them!”


There are also those moments that might only ever happen once.  Not long ago, Jackyl came to town for a concert.  A dear friend who is battling cancer again, is a fan and was going to this concert, as were we.  I tweeted to them earlier in the day unbeknownst to her and got an answer from Jesse right away.  She was surprised when she got there and we told her she was meeting them and they put her first in line.  It was my privilege to be right behind to capture the moment she met him and he reached up in such a kind gesture and asked her, “How are you, darling?”  I will never forget it.


It doesn’t take much to make a difference, to be kind.  Flowers can be such an easy way to do it.  I think unexpected flowers are one of the best things you can get. Just to say I love you or to brighten someone’s day. Even for a thank you for something someone has done. Again, I think an unexpected kindness could make a world of difference to someone. Maybe even change their whole day.  You just never know.


I have been talking a lot about bigger gestures of kindness which are truly so important.  But I believe that sometimes the biggest gesture is being kind in your words when talking to someone or about someone. Try to remember the power of what you say. Never ever intentionally speak hurtful or untrue words about someone.

I wish kindness was the first rule of our world. How wonderful that would be.

Just remember that always,

Kindness Matters!