I just got back from a vacation to New York City with my daughter. It was a trip to celebrate her graduation from college. (I could do a whole another blog on how you realize how fast time flies when you watch your youngest child graduate from college! Wasn’t she born just yesterday??!) I was going to title this, Post-Vacation Let Down. But that title and subject could be a little depressing. And although, we did suffer through that, starting before we even left, I decided to write about our actual trip and our adventures. Planned ones and unexpected ones! As soon as we got there and survived the taxi ride to the hotel, we checked in and headed to Juniors for some lunch. I had commented earlier that in all the times we had been there, I never managed to see a ‘celebrity’ just randomly. Within minutes of hitting Times Square my daughter pointed out that we were just passed by Justin Guarini (American Idol, season 1). I didn’t even notice. Maybe that explains why I had never ‘seen’ one before that-I had just not noticed! Shortly after that we went past the Naked Cowboy. Okay, a semi-celebrity! That evening we had tickets to see The Cripple of Inishmaan, starring Daniel Radcliffe. (Harry Potter, for those of you who don’t know who that is.)


We had fifth row seats. A great close up view. It was a funny and touching play with incredible performances by all. My mind always thinks of other things as I am watching. Like how do the actors always remember all their lines and do them so well, keep them so fresh? How does someone like Daniel, do the physical part of such a roll every day, keeping his body in the position he had to to play this part? What is it like to be on Broadway? To have that as your career? It can be distracting. I have to remind myself to watch and pay attention! We went to the stage door after, but being so close to the stage meant not so close once we got out there. We did get to see him, but no autograph. That came the next night as we returned to the stage door for just that.

The next day we decided to explore since we had no shows, but dinner plans later in the day. We had to hit the Nintendo World Store to pick up a certain plushy as requested by my nephew. We walked around Rockefeller Plaza, stopped at Bouchon Bakery for a treat. We went into the NBC Store. As soon as we went in, one of the girls standing there asked if we liked Seth Myers. She handed us these.


This was one of those unexpected things! We ran our purchases back to the hotel and back again to be at our designated place at the designated time! (I think I forgot to mention how humid these first two days were! It was!) We finally found our spot. Number 57 and 58. They only took 60 in and had to turn some away! WHEW! We went down the hallway for Saturday Night Live and got to see all the photos from the years of the show and actually got a glimpse of the set as we went in to the set for Seth. He came out and did all of the possible jokes for the night. It was short, but fun. An experience we didn’t expect, as mentioned, but one to treasure, for sure!

That night we met some great friends for dinner. They had made reservations at a place called Becco. They mentioned it was an Italian restaurant owned by a famous chef named Lidia. It didn’t dawn on me until probably yesterday that it was one of the restaurants owned by Lidia Bastianich. I had something called Maiale Arista. Pulled pork roasted for 24 hours. I couldn’t pronounce anything on the menu, including this, but pointing works for ordering! It was incredible! After dinner we headed back to the stage door from the night before to get that illusive autograph. Then walking back to our hotel we had to walk by the theater that Of Mice and Men was at. We noticed a lot of people by their stage door, so we stopped and got to see James Franco come out to signed autographs. Another small unexpected moment!

Thursday was a bittersweet day. We still had the whole day before our last show of the trip. We had to start packing up so we would be ready early the next morning to leave. That was hard to do. We were not even close to being ready to be ending this trip! We walked to find a new place for breakfast, like we did the day before. We had decided on this trip to find new places to eat and we did. We were not disappointed once! Afterwards, we were thinking of walking to the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, but by the time we got to Central Park, we decided to sit down and enjoy the weather that had improved each day we were there. No visit to Central Park is complete without a stop here.

. IMG_2118

The last evening we had front row tickets to see Idina Menzel in If/Then.


I had not much knowledge of this musical beforehand, but did know that Idina was an incredible singer. My daughter told me about the plot, so I was intrigued. The show was AMAZING! From the first note to the last. We didn’t stay for the stage door for this one, even though we very much wanted to. We had to pack for an early morning taxi ride to the airport. I don’t know why vacation time has to go so much faster than any other, but it seems to. I always get so sad on the ride to the airport and on the flights home. I have a few pics and I have my memories. It is fun to relive it, to go back in my mind. I love to travel and hope to always be able to. It is amazing seeing places you never dreamed of seeing. It is wonderful spending time with those that go with you or those you visit. I have never said, gosh, I am sorry I went there, I am sorry I did that! I am thankful for the time spent with my daughter, for the time with friends, for the time away from the ‘stuff’ back home, for all of the experiences. I am already looking forward to the next time!