There are many reasons that I am thinking of this subject today.  I was looking at old pictures recently that brought back many memories. I was thinking about how it was to have young children and remembering the hugs, the times sitting and reading, wiping tears, fixing broken hearts.  I remembered the hand holding as we walked, the times when they were little and fell asleep on me and I couldn’t bear to put them down.  I sat, held them, painfully aware at how fast those moments became only memories.


Father’s Day brought back so many memories of family members already gone, along with making me again realize the memories of my dad do not exist. I thought about memories with those still close by, those that are our family but live far.  I wonder why we don’t see them more, why aren’t we making more memories with them while we can?


There are the memories of fun and travels.  There are places I have been that I never thought I would visit.  California, Florida, Maine, Washington, D.C and New York City to name a few!


These are the kind of fun memories that I would at any time love to make more of!  Fun times with friends at fabulous places.  I have got to do things like attending this finale.


I attended this with some friends I had made over the years following Clay Aiken. The memories from the travels, the memories of the times with my daughter and with friends have been some of the best in my life. Many moments that I will never forget.  One of the best, was meeting someone in person that I had met online because of Clay. I was a cancer survivor and she was battling it.  We met for the first time in San Diego and I will never ever forget her literally jumping over tables when she saw me.  This California trip was the only time we met, years ago.  We have kept in touch, although not as much as I would like! I know that  I won’t ever forget that hug good-bye.  Memories.


If you think about it, your whole life before this moment right now, all of it, consists of memories.  Good ones. Bad ones.  Memories of people. Memories of places.  Memories of things you have done. Memories of things that happened to you.  If I was to post them all, even if just only the big ones…we would be here a long time.

As great as I think my memories are, I sometimes think…they aren’t enough.  For you can’t hug a memory.  You can treasure them, think about them, but touch them? Hug them? You just can’t. And as much as anyone tells me to be thankful for my memories, and I am, it just will never be the same. Sometimes, never enough!

When you are gone, what memories will your friends and family have of you? I hope good ones. Great ones, even.  Keep making them.


I know I am!