Yesterday was the 46th anniversary of the day of a devastating tornado that hit Charles City, Iowa.  Why do I mention that?  Because I was in 4th grade and at that moment, I was in THIS house.


We were in the back in the basement and were all able to crawl out of a small basement window and walk under downed power lines to my aunts house. We stayed there until we found a different house to live in.  Since this day, I have been a weather watcher.  I may catch grief about it, but it came from this place.

Last weekend we were here.


Our youngest, our daughter, graduated from college. A major milestone in our lives, and more importantly hers.

We have so many milestones in our lives that we remember, that we celebrate, and some that we grieve. We “hopefully” remember birthdays and anniversaries.  We celebrate first words, first steps, good grades, sports victories, all kinds of graduations. We applaud awards, achievements, accomplishments. Don’t get me wrong, there is NOTHING wrong with doing that!


As I was sitting here this morning, I was thinking about this subject and thinking, why don’t we just celebrate LIFE?!  Why not celebrate the wonder of Why do we wait for the ‘special’ things.  The ‘special’ days?

It is a beautiful spring day here…I like to celebrate days like this. I love the green of summer!


I know we get bombarded in the stores with one holiday after another. Milestones, anniversaries, celebrations ARE a good thing.  But I like to remind myself they aren’t the ONLY thing!

Life is about so much more than just milestones!

I hope you remember to celebrate it!!