Why not?  Been trying to figure out for over a week what I should blog about next.  I have had many ideas bouncing around that just haven’t gone anywhere…So my son says, “Write about NOTHING!”  Okay, that would be easy….I would tell you nothing about how I feel.  Nothing about life. Nothing about feelings. Nothing about adventures, thoughts, family. Nothing about the places I have been or the places I want to go.  Nothing about how life changes and how I feel about it….

Nothing seems to be what gets posted here much too often.  Sometimes, writing about nothing does not work.


I am writing about Nothing today.

Nothing in particular! Maybe it is time just for a random, write what comes to mind post! (Have I lost you yet?)

Spring is FINALLY here!  It has been raining much too much-which makes for some foul moods and low energy.  But the good side is that the grass is some beautiful green finally. Now we just wait for all the leaves to appear on the trees! Rainy days certainly lower my energy and I tend to bake.  I don’t need the calories, but isn’t there something great and comforting about baking and sharing? Yesterday I had a request for shortbread cookies.  I don’t know if you know, but they aren’t easy to make.  I found a great recipe that just made bars out of them. My son had made some homemade blueberry sauce and sweetened some mascarpone cheese.  So this had to happen:


Life these days. Stressful. (But good!) Husband went back to work last week.  We never expected that to happen so fast.  He jumped in feet first, so to speak.  Working 8-10 hours a day and even Saturday.  I worry he will overdo it, of course. I am thankful his recovery was so great and quick, but I worry about it happening again. It didn’t help when this week I heard there was an ambulance called to where he worked for a possible STROKE! No surprise as to where my mind went. It wasn’t him, but it could have been. It was a quick reminder that things will never be the same! The Harley is still the goal.  I hope it is one he can achieve soon.  I miss it. I miss riding with our friends. Who, really, now are family.  That is a funny thing about bikers.  They really do become your family! Not just your friends.


Jamie.  He is still losing weight and doing fabulous.  He is still telling me he is going to drive a yellow car in 2017.  But, he tells me no, when I ask if I can write that book that I had started to work on.  I hope he changes his mind.  I want to write out story.  I think it is different enough and even a bit inspirational to be a good story to write!

College graduation.  8 days. Seems like I JUST took her to kindergarten. A few days later, middle school. A couple days later, high school. And truly, it seems like it was only yesterday we took her to college!


Now in just 8 days, she graduates.  I am so very proud of her.  I know she will go far in life!  (I hope I helped in just a little way!) It is interesting watching our kids grow, crying tears when they are sad or hurt, and crying tears when we are proud and happy! They start out as such dependent little creatures and become such wonderful, independent INDIVIDUALS!

Finding your joy. Being happy no matter what.  Yup, I always preach it.  I always say it.  I always TRY to live it!  I DO find the joy in each day. Sometimes it is just something so minor, so little, as I NEED to find something to be happy about.  Life can be so hard and stressful and can put you in a place at times you don’t like.  Sometimes I feel like it is going a hundred miles an hour and I want it to slow down. So much going on, so much to take care of always.  Sometimes I need to remember to slow it down and try to find something to make me smile! LIFE makes me smile.  My kids make me smile.  ALL of them. (Being a mom is THE BEST thing I have EVER done or will EVER do!) Spring makes me smile. Family. Friends. Music. Memories. Life.