I have a good collection of cookbooks. I love all kinds of cookbooks and I love to collect them.


Through the years, my collection got so big, that I had to sell a large amount of them. I have tried to keep the ones I like the best, of course and will never part with ones the mean something to me.

There are the familiar ones to all, like Betty Crocker, that I have several editions of. It is kind of entertaining to see how much they change over the years.


There are also the recipe boxes that house the favorite ones that I have collected through the years.


None quite as special as one of my mom’s that I got after she passed away. Cooking and baking was so much a part of her and family gatherings.  I love to look through them and see the recipes I am familiar with written in her handwriting.


Of course with the internet and recipes so readily at our fingertips, it is easy to just sign on, look up a recipe and use that.  I do that too, and have found many great recipes.  I print them, use them, and keep them in binders so they are handy, if needed.

But, there is nothing like having a cookbook in your hands, thumbing through it. I love to hold the ones my mom and grandma owned-it makes me feel connected to them. It is a nice feeling knowing they held them at one time .

I have a couple of them from my grandma that are so old, they are put away in a box in the closet. In this one, she wrote the date 1929!


I have another one from her that no longer has its cover.  I am thinking of having it rebound and covered to try to preserve it if possible.  The recipes in here are such fun to read.  I remember reading one that said to use lard the size of an egg. There are even recipes for ‘invalids’. Here is one page from it so show you the kind of recipes they once used so long ago!


I have two go to books that I have put together that have a lot of the family recipes in them.  One was the cookbook we did for our Relay team about 10 years ago! And the other one, my daughter and I put together.  We put in some of the family recipes that are our favorites and we use often, like the famous coffee cake, and we put in some new ones from my son and my daughter.  She likes to make up recipes and bake things of her own invention!


What is it about our obsession with food and recipes and sharing?  I think it is a commonality that we all have. Food can be such a comfort and it is also a great social tool.  What fun to cook for a crowd or to go out with friends. It is great to experience new restaurants, new recipes.  It connects generations together and gives us something tangible that we can hand down for generations to come!