Ah, Winter….You May Be Beautiful, But I am SO Over You!

Yes, someone else writing about the weather. About this winter.  The season that.never.ends.

My mom was known as ‘Helen Weather’ as she was always watching the weather. Always. I think I inherited that trait from her. I wonder if it comes from living through a tornado so long ago.  We lost our house in the 1968 Charles City, Iowa tornado. Weather has made me nervous ever since!
I dislike winter weather for OH SO many reasons!  Let me list the ways!!!

I don’t like being stuck in my house because of snow, ice, etc.


I like being able to go outside, get in my car and go where I need to go. Even if I can get out, driving in the winter can be a scary and dangerous thing.  This winter it seems we have had too many of those days! Traveling recently, we got stuck in horrible driving conditions going and coming home.  Terrifying pretty much describes it. Every minute traveling at times like that seems like hours.

I inherited my mom’s worry gene too! (Thanks, Mom!) So I worry about my kids out in it, or others driving.  Tragically, in the area this past weekend, two sisters were traveling and lost their lives in an accident. I did not know them. But they were someone’s sisters, someone daughters. And they lost them both. I cannot imagine. There have been many accidents this winter already, many cars going off the roads, crashes because of zero visibility. Sunday night, during the blizzard, people were still on the roads.  At one point, we had several cars in our driveway, waiting, as they could not see to drive.

Now, it can be beautiful out and many times when I post pictures, people will tell me how pretty it is.  But the pretty lasts only so long. The white doesn’t take long to turn black.

The following two pictures are from Sunday taken one right after the other. (And it wasn’t even as bad as it got. The wind got even stronger, but at that time, I did NOT venture out!)



I am ready for the bone-chilling cold to go away. I love nothing more than to just step outside, in the warmth, feeling the warm breezes blowing.  Ahhhhh, can’t you just feel it???

I am ready for those long calming rides on the back of my husband’s Harley.  I miss riding with him and our friends and seeing things like this..


I do, of course, enjoy the change of seasons, but lately it feels like winter lasts just a bit too long.  Last year, we had snow in May. Makes that riding season just a bit too short.

Soon, it will be February and hopefully, that month will fly as it usually does. It is always easier to think about the end of winter once the calendar flips the page from January.

So, yes, Winter, you can be beautiful, but now, I AM so OVER you.

Bring on Spring!


  1. I echo your sentiments, Joy. It just seems like we get horrible weather every other day. Once I get the ice cleared off there is a new layer. The cold is what is really getting to me—–at least we have had sun with it. Here’s hoping it will be a quick February!

  2. Oh, we hear you, Joy! Actually, I do. Wendy is in London, where it’s grim and grey but not this cold. Like your mother, our father was a weather fiend–the first thing he’d do every morning is put on the coffee, then turn on the Weather Channel on TV. As you say, I think it’s genetic–I still watch the skies and tap the barometer in the hall on a regular basis.

  3. The weather was one of the main reasons why I wanted to get out of the suburbs and move into the city once my kids were grown. I don’t have to drive anymore so snow is no longer an issue. We also don’t have to shovel. So, now when I hear that snow is coming, I’m like a kid again and can enjoy it. Best move we ever made.

    • I don’t like it when we are snowed in, BUT it seems like such a few days out of the year. And I love love love the sunrises/sunsets out here and the peacefulness of being in the country. I grew up a city girl, but I am not so sure I could move back into town again!

  4. I agree, Joy, that the “pretty doesn’t last forever.” I also tend to stay indoors and worry for others who have no choice but to be out there in it. I hope the groundhog stays at home next week.

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