Both. I am convinced. Has to be both!

Winter is a tough season.  Winter is not for wimps! You are always at the mercy of Mother Nature. Sometimes around here, it is hard to just go out the door and across the highway for the mail.


In winter you can count on cold and snow, obviously, but it is the days of the extremes that makes it hard to cope. From below zero temps to blowing snow and ice on the roads.  Those are the tough days.  I don’t like it when my ability to do normal things when I want to is taken away. I miss walking outside getting in the car and going to get groceries without having to wonder if I will even get there and back. I don’t like being at the mercy of Old Man Winter!

Sometimes things come up and it is in the winter.  Many times through the years this has happened to me. When it does, the worry and stress sets in.  I worry about what the weather will be come time to leave and if I will even get there. Most times, it works out, the weather cooperates and all is fine. I get to go, get my mental health break, come back and get back to tackling the rest of the winter. Then I get told I worry for nothing.  That may be true, btw, but I swear my middle name should BE Worry!  I am convinced that there must be a worry gene and I have it! (But that has to be a story for another day!)

Worry free travels in the winter for me is not the case anymore.  I just got back from just a short little trip with my daughter. And as luck-or bad luck- had it, the weather was not good this time. In fact, it was the worst weather I have ever traveled in. I went from the “What are you crazy people doing traveling in this weather” to BEING one of those crazy people. I have to give a shout out to my husband for taking us and picking us up. I know I would not have been able to do it.

The day we left we had advisories for us. We left early and it was great here.  By the time we got our daughter and headed out, things went from okay to bad to worse. There was a sudden surprise snow squall and a blizzard warning was issued to only one area…our destination for the night. We had no choice but to go. Just 37 miles was in front of us.

Along with purely ice covered roads and blowing snow. I won’t give you all the details but I can say, in all the years that I have lived in the midwest and through winter, this had to be the most terrified I ever was. Ever. At this point, getting away…Crazy!

A lot of things go through your mind when you are on roads like that. And every minute feels like an hour. It did take us about 3 times longer than it normally would, but we finally made it. I am pretty sure I hugged the hotel floor when I got there.

My daughter and I got our wonderful mini vacation and got to spend some precious time together.  Something we used to get to do a lot of. I was lucky her schedule allowed us to do this.  I can’t tell you how much I miss our travel times together! I will tell you about it sometime….It was always fun. Always interesting.

Time came to come home much too soon as it often does. And guess what, the weather back home was again not good. The day before there were some areas that actually had record warmth! We got our daughter back to her town and what happens as soon as we were ready to leave?  The weather changed. The temps dropped so the rain changed to snow and the roads were slippery.  The wind was blowing so that meant so was the snow. The normal speed on the interstate is 70. We traveled 45-50. Some of those that sped around us, ended up in the ditch with others.

The last 12 miles were the most treacherous with whiteouts added to the other conditions we had been traveling in.

But we finally made it back home. I think of all my traveling, this was the HAPPIEST I ever was to see my home!

So would I plan a trip in the winter again? Absolutely.  I do think they are necessary. I have to be able to get away from the snow and cold at least once. Do I think it is crazy? Absolutely. But, then how boring  would life be if we didn’t have a bit of craziness thrown in, right?

I am still counting the days until the I can go outside and see this instead..