I have been sitting here looking through old journals I have.  And I have a lot of them.  When I was younger I wrote in them a LOT.  It is fun to go back and read them.  So much I had forgotten about.  Maybe for some of it, that is a good thing!  I have many of them that I have started and wrote a few pages, and that was it.  Good intentions you know. I have several empty ones waiting for something to be written in them.  I realize that these days many of us use the computer to write down our thoughts, but I kind of miss being able to write on the pages of my journals knowing that for now, it is only me that will read it. I even kept one for each of the kids as they grew up.  And yes, of course, I didn’t always keep up as much as I wanted to in those, either, but I am thankful for the things they do get to read about!

I have weight loss journals, a mother-daughter journal, an abundance journal, a journal I kept through my cancer journey, that eventually became a book. I didn’t even realize how many until I just went on a search for some of them!

First one I found is from 1983.  I wrote so much then, the first one covers just a few months! I must have had a lot of time on my hands! It is actually journal #4.  I am wondering where all the other ones are! I see a hunt in my very near future!

I think it might take me a long long time to read all these.  I thought I would be able to skim through them. But once I have started reading, I got hooked.  I can’t remember most of the things I am reading.  Some of it makes me shake my head. Ah, our younger selves! I am ready a lot of lamenting about being alone and wondering if I will ever find someone.  Will I marry? Will I have kids?  I couldn’t imagine it then, couldn’t see someone picking ME. But it happened.

One of my favorite (and much too short one) is one I started in the 90s about family memories.  I wanted to write stories down before everyone was gone and there was no one else left to ask.  Most were gone on my dad’s side, but I have a cousin who was remembering some things. I wish when my uncle was alive I had written down the stories he had told us. Sadly, this book has only about 10 pages written in.  Even those, I am thankful for. My Grandma, my dad’s mom was very much into genealogy and she was a big part of fighting for the woman’s right to vote in the 20’s.  My great aunt had a very large house and it was a part of the famous Underground Railroad. My mom and dad met working in an office and much to their families chagrin, they decided to get married two weeks after they met! Seems he could cook, had flat feet that kept him out of the army and was quite the jokester! Guess once when he was growing up, dad and his brother and sister were in their dining room.  Uncle Jim was throwing butter up from a plate and it stuck to the ceiling.  He pointed to Aunt Mary Lou and said, YOU DID IT and then he ran out of the house! The following picture is of my dad and his two siblings and his cousin.  He is the one in the buggy!


A page or two from my abundance journal.  You had to write 5 things every day you were thankful for.  I see many blank pages.  I need to fill them. Or maybe I will use one of the blank ones I have sitting around.  I think it is a great practice!

February 21, 1999

A beautiful sunny day!

Enjoying drive music.

Making my kids happy.

Tv shows that make me laugh.

Enjoying life!

January 27, 2003

For my family!!

Treatment is over!

My hair is growing back.

My job and how understanding they were.

Faith and positive attitude.

Lastly, a couple that tug at my heart. I have many notebooks of when Jamie was growing up, documenting so much, and yes, if I find them all, it will be my next book!

I am reading one from 1992. He would be 4 and a half at this time.

June 17, 1992.  For the last few days, whenever Daniel gets in the rocker, Jamie jumps right in beside him and rocks and plays with him.

Making letters with straws and saying them.

He asked for “Toast”. When I gave it to him he said “Thank you.”

Covered up and said “Night night”


June 18

Took his plate and threw it in the garbage.
Put on sunglasses and said “Hey Dude!”

Come up to me and gave me 4 kisses!

So I could go on and on but I won’t.  I am sure you get the idea. I will probably spend the day reading the ones I have found, look for the ones I know are around here somewhere and writing in some new ones or adding to some of them like the family memory journal for one. I hope one day my kids and their’s will enjoy reading them.  I only wish my dad had kept one.  Maybe I would know him just a little bit if he had!

Journal on!