Finding the Beauty that Surrounds You

The headline 10 years ago for a story the paper did on me being a survivor was “Cherishing Every Sunrise”.  I think sometimes about how that still rings true for me.  I still love each one, and I sometimes find myself saying “wow’ out loud often. I love the sunsets. I love the wind in my face and still relish it by turning my face upwards and closing my eyes.  I live in the country although I grew up a city girl.  I am pretty sure I could never move back to town.  I adore the country and the nature that surrounds me.

I have been told to ‘regroup’ that I need to go somewhere and sit amongst the trees.  I really do believe that.  But I try to find the beauty all around. Sometimes I look, in awe, with no adequate words to describe it.  And although, I haven’t found too many photos that really catch it perfectly, I want to share some of mine around here to show you just what I mean.

The following are some of the pictures I have taken at our house in the country.









SO, I was going to caption each one, but really, that is not necessary.  I just wanted to share what I have the privilege of seeing all the time, but never ever take for granted!

I was also going to add more pictures from around Iowa and from around the country to show the beauty of many places I have seen. But then, the title of this post, is Finding the Beauty that SURROUNDS You, so that is all I am including in this one.

I hope you find the peace that nature and your surroundings can give you.  If you are ever stressed, go enjoy it, as it is pretty hard to stay stressed or mad or anything but content when you go look at the beauty that is our outside world!


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