I am SO NOT a ‘Girly Girl’

I don’t think I ever have been.  Of course, when I was little and my mom bought and picked out my clothes, I did wear dresses. As evidenced by this picture from so long ago.


Maybe it IS because she picked out my clothes, I become adverse to wearing dresses.  Some were so horrible that I remember every detail of them to this day. Shudder. When I was able to make my own decisions and decide what to wear on my own, I became a tshirt and jeans kind of girl.  Here is a picture from high school that is typical of what I wore. Sure, it was the 70’s and it was a pretty casual time, but it was what I liked to wear then and what I wear now.


I really don’t know what got me thinking about this.  Maybe it is because we just had a garage sale and the clothes my daughter sold were practically ALL dresses.  SHE loves dresses and skirts and shoes to go with them. I don’t. I dislike dresses greatly. And skirts. And pink. And flowered things. And most prints. And heels.  And capris. And any kind of dress clothes whatsoever.  Wow. I am not comfortable in any of it and never have been. I don’t even wear shorts. I like t-shirts and jeans. In the winter I do wear sweaters with my  jeans. But that is about it.

When it comes time to dress up, I usually have to go buy something for the occasion. The whole time, I am thinking how I can’t wait to get back home to change back to my t-shirts and jeans. Once in awhile, I do find a dress I like a lot like this one I bought for a Gala last October.


It was pretty and fit the occasion and was longer and not form fitting.  But the first thing I did back at the hotel room was change into my jeans!

I look at others who wear dressy clothes, or capris and cute shirts and those who have the shoes and accessories that go with them and they look fabulous. They look comfortable in what they wear. I often wish I could be the same way. I just am not. If I buy anything like that it most likely will stay in my closet or my dresser and go unworn. It isn’t that I don’t want to wear that stuff, it is just that I am not at all comfortable in it. Suppose I was scarred by those clothes of so long ago? 😉

I wonder if maybe it is just in our DNA. I am who I am with no excuses.  For me, always, I would rather be in my jeans, my Harley t-shirts, and my boots.



  1. Joy, you are so refreshingly honest. Myself, I hate to wear pantyhose and haven’t for a long time. But, I love long dresses and sandles.

  2. Although I’m pretty much a girly girl, I love my friends who are not. Where does that kind of confidence come from, I wonder???

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