It’s kind of a legend in our family. It is a favorite of all of us and the best thing for a Sunday morning breakfast or as a pick me up on a dreary day like today.

I don’t know what it is about days like today that makes me want to bake. Give me a rainy, snowy or dreary day and chances are, I have the urge to bake.  Often I give in. There is something uplifting about baking.  The baking itself. The creating. The smell in the air. And least of all, the tasting!

This week has already been ‘one of those weeks’. And today is cloudy and dreary and I realized there is buttermilk in my refrigerator and around here that only means one thing-Grandma Ritter’s Coffee Cake.  It is the recipe she used. The one my mom used. The one passed down to me. The ONLY one I use.  The one my kids now use too.  Once you try this one, there is no other one to compare. Anywhere.  We often make that claim and prove it by making it for others.  They then make that claim too!

But, there is one thing that we all have learned. You never ever change anything about this recipe. It is perfect as it is. Well, if you do decide to change it, you better just call it coffee cake! Because it is no longer Grandma Ritter’s! (If you do make it and change it and still call it Grandma Ritter’s you better watch your back! 😉 )

What is it about baking on days like this that makes you feel better?  Just the baking itself? I don’t think so.  I think it invokes memories of long ago days. Of when my mom and grandma were still here, and life was so new and so much easier. They both could cook and bake almost anything. Except for my mom and pecan pie. For some reason, she never could get that to thicken right! One Christmas, when my kids were young, one of them baked her one and took it to her house for Christmas! I hope it made her happy. I know it made me proud.  I loved that they wanted to do that for her.  It wasn’t to show her up at all, it was just so that she could have her pecan pie for the holidays!

Gotta run. Cake is out of the oven. Can’t miss it when its hot!