First, I apologize for being late in posting a new post.  Real life gets so busy at times with so much all at once. I always want to find the time to post here, though. So I am doing that today before the chaos begins again!  Sometimes, I think I like the chaos…I thrive in it!

So, subject of the day. Pondering. Something I love to do.  Do you ever find yourself pondering about life? Just the odd little things of it all or the beauty of the way some things sync? I do. All the time.

For example….  When you are in a car do you think about the other people on the road? Why are you all there at that place at that time?  What is their name? What is their story? What about their family? Where are they from.  Then I wonder if they wonder the same thing, too.  I don’t know them and they have no clue who is in my car on the highway at the same time as them….but do they wonder as I do?

Restaurants. Aren’t they an odd thing?  You go to a building. Look at a paper with a bunch of food choices, let a stranger wait on you, take your order for something to eat and let a stranger cook it, clean up after you.  Who invented such a thing anyhow????  And how do you know that everything you get is okay.  Do you wonder where it originally came from? Who took care of it all to get it to you.

Do you look at things such as tvs, Blu-rays, computers, smart phones, anything technological and think about how it came to be.  Someone had to think it up and make it happen. I wonder how it is to be so smart and inventive.

I wonder how in all the people in the world, two people find each other and fall in love.  Why not someone else? How in the world did someone pick ME over everyone else?

Do you ever wonder why you live where you do? Of all the places in the world, why was I born in the midwest?  Why not New York City? Why not Europe. Why don’t I feel like I ‘belong’ anywhere else when I go visit?

Cars. I had a professor once that talked about how crazy it was to be in one on a two way highway going high speed and having only mere feet in between you and another car doing the same thing. Wish I could forget that one! He also mentioned one day, think about when you get something in your eye outside….it could be a part of someone… yes, as in someone who had been cremated. Nope, haven’t forgot that one, either.

We are having a garage sale tomorrow.  I think about how odd that is too.  You go into someone’s garage, someone you probably don’t know, and buy their used stuff that they do not even want anymore.

I read the news or watch it on tv and when I hear about such evil stuff that people do, I wonder how they got that way. Then I think about how we all started as innocent little babies.  How do things take such a harsh turn for some?

How come some people have so much more heartache than others?  Why are some so much more lucky than others?

I could go on an on, but I must head out and get busy.  I am curious though, what do YOU ponder?  Leave a comment!


(Wondering what he is thinking about!)