I was watching the news and there was a story on about how a man saw a picture and asked on Twitter for people to send pictures to him that depicted their “Best Moment”. He was inundated with hundreds of pictures of babies being born, weddings, reunions and many such moments.

I started thinking about it and wondered just what I would send in, if I had. But in all of my life, I have not had just ONE best moment. I have had many.  How can you possibly pick just one? I know I can’t. I found myself listing in my mind all of the best moments of my life as they came to me.

Becoming an aunt for the first time when I was in high school.

Graduating high school.

Going to college and having my mother and stepfather pull away and finally being on my own away from home.

My first apartment.

Graduating cosmetology school. Breezing through state boards. My first job. Being licensed in three states.

Getting married.

Having an essay published in a book about children with disabilities.

Writing my own book and holding it in my hands for the first time.


When my first son was born.

When my second son was born.

When my third son was born.

When my daughter was born.

Seeing my mom hold each of them.


Every single moment of their lives. Every kiss, hug, tear, accomplishment, word, conversation. All of it.

Finding out that all of my lymph nodes came back negative after having them removed.

My last day of chemotherapy.

My last day of radiation.

Every single checkup that I walk out of the office with a clean bill of health.

Watching my son walk and talk again and be fine after witnessing him at 22 having a grand mal seizure. And again, four months later. Having that being the last one.

A hug when I am down.

Helping a friend diagnosed with cancer.

Changing the laws about how child abuse is investigated in Iowa.

Making a difference.

Having my family under one roof once in awhile.

Laughing and spending time with friends.

Being a Clay Aiken fan which has led to travel, friends, great events and meeting Clay on several occasions.


I can’t imagine being able to pick just one moment. My best moment is truly always the one happening right now.

What is your “Best Moment?”