…are you actually living like it is?  I, like so many, say this often. Most of the time it is after something bad happens to us or to someone in the news. This morning after reading about another celebrity gone too soon and just days after a friend lost her father in a tragic, unexpected way, I decided I wanted to write about it.

We all may be saying this, but are you living like it is true?  We know it is. Do you think, well, it won’t happen to me.  Odds may make that true, but things happen as we all know. I am sure we all have known someone that we lost far too soon.  Some to illness. Some to accidents. For whatever reason.  I want you to think about your life and really have a conversation with yourself. Right now. This minute. If something happened to someone you love, or to you, have you been living like life is too short? Would you have any regrets as to how you treated them, or how you are living?
For me, I know there are things…  Family for one. There are SO many of them that I rarely talk to, some that it has been so long, some I barely know. I have a brother that I haven’t seen in years, haven’t talked to in years. He has his own family, that includes 19 grandchildren, most of whom I have never met. I have sisters I dearly love but wish I was closer to, that I talked to more. Cousins I barely talk to and miss a lot. You would think with the invention of social media, it would be easier to keep in touch. But we still don’t.

I have things that stress me out. A lot. And I let them get to me.  Even the little things. For example, my house is a mess. No matter how much I clean it…it still seems to be a mess. It stresses me out. But why should it matter so much? It shouldn’t. There are things that need to get done, that don’t. I let that get to me, too.

I know I can be short with people I love. And they can be with me. Sometimes, the “I’m sorry” comes far after the words, or not at all.  Why not? Pride? Stubbornness? I am not sure. How hard is it for us to be nice, to say kind things, and if for some reason we don’t, how hard is it to just say I am sorry. How would you feel if something happened and that opportunity was never available to you again?

Are you around people who make you unhappy?  Change it. Are you in a job that makes you miserable? Change it.  Is there somewhere you want to go? Go there. Simply find a way to live your life in the way that you want, that makes you happy. No excuses!

My daughter and I used to do a lot together before she went to college.  Then she got busy. It is sad to me that we get little time together. She is a senior now and soon, there may be even less time to do those things together.  She has some free time in August this year… we should take that time and get away together again for a few days.

What are you waiting to do? Who are you waiting to connect with again? What changes are you waiting for? Do yourself and everyone a favor and don’t wait. Do something now. Go tell that person you love, that you do. Don’t just say the words. Mean it!

Live like you KNOW life is too short. Don’t just say the words!