I come from a big family. One of the favorite things I remember from being a child is the gathering of all the relatives for holidays and reunions.  As I grew older and all the families grew up or moved away, that happened less and less. My children never experienced the get togethers to the extent that I did. I think they missed out on so much.

I got to thinking about my family yesterday, as I so often do. So many of them are gone now. But what about those that aren’t? I rarely see most of them. Rarely even talk to them. Rarely hear from them, at all. It isn’t that I don’t want to, but we are all living our own lives with our own families now. Are we all so busy now in our own worlds that we don’t have time for our extended families? I find it quite ironic that in this age of technology, with the ability to get in touch and keep in touch with everyone, it seems to happen less.

I wonder if the other members of my family think of me, the rest of us? Is family to them just their immediate family or does it still consist the rest of us. too?  Why don’t they keep in touch? Do they not have that need anymore.  I can see them posting on Facebook  and often wonder why we don’t seem to matter any more.

Isn’t that connection with family something we all need? I know we started reunions again after losing many family members and I loved that one day each year to see these people I am related to, love, grew up with. But as reunions go, the attendance fell and this year there isn’t one.


My kids have cousins they don’t even know. Aunts and Uncles they barely know and who do not know them. I have a brother I haven’t seen in years or even talked to. He has his own family now. But, I think, what about the family he had first? I feel that everyone is missing out on so much.

So, who do you call family?  The blood relatives? What about close friends?  My husband rides a Harley. Bikers are family. Often a close one. I have friends I have made through the years just because I became a fan of Clay Aiken after American Idol season 2. I have traveled all over and see these people often more times than my relatives.  And they have become my ‘Clay’ family. So do you need to be close to your actual blood relatives? Does it change with age? Somehow, have we grown to care less than we once did?

I know that for me, I miss having that close relationship with my family. I envy those that do.  I do truly think there is room for all kinds of family in your life-whether it is your true relative or a friend that is like family.

Who do YOU call family?