We all remember our first celebrity crush. That one teen idol that graced our walls, made our young hearts beat a little faster.  For me, although I did like the Monkees when I was in grade school and thought Davy was awfully cute, it was, hands down David Cassidy. I had to tune in to the Partridge Family each week to watch just for him.  I thought he was just the cutest thing ever born with the best hair out there!  It was of course, a bonus, that I thought he had a voice that was incredible! The posters adorned my walls-or my part of the bedroom walls. Being from a family with lots of kids and shared bedrooms, you only got a part of those walls.  And mine were covered. With poster upon poster of David Cassidy.  They were easy to get in those days, with the overabundance of teen magazines like 16 and Tiger Beat.  And yes, I had to have them all.  Nothing was quite as exciting as seeing a new issue and getting my hands on it to see the latest pictures and posters!  Of course, my life-long pleasure of listening to and buying music started at this time.  I proudly bought my very first LP-The Partridge Family.  I remember it was only around $3.  Three dollars well spent! Every single album put out by them after that, I also bought.  And when David put out solo albums, I bought those too.  If you look at my LPs and CDs now, you will still find many Partridge Family and David Cassidy ones amongst all my others. I still like his voice.

Now, in all those years ago, I never saw David perform. I really didn’t go to a concert until I saw Peter Frampton when I went to college. Since that time, I have gone to too many to keep count of and still do! Recently I see that David is doing a teen idol tour with himself, Mickey Dolenz of the Monkees and Peter Noone of Herman’s Hermits.  I thought, what fun that would be to go to, not figuring I would have that chance. Imagine my surprise and delight when here, in Iowa, the Clay County Fair announced their September lineup and this tour was on it!  I thought, I am SO THERE!  I put it on Facebook and someone commented they thought they would go until they saw the picture and they looked old. Well, I said, we are older too!!  I may not look 12, but inside, my 12-year old self still lives! Tickets went on sale this week and after a lot of website problems, I got mine!  I am looking forward to finally seeing my long ago childhood celebrity crush.  I know the 50-something me will enjoy revisiting my 12-year old self! Image