Are You a Front or Back Seater?

ImageI am a back seater!  Yes, I am talking about motorcycles.  I ride as a passenger on my husband’s Harley Davidson.  Sometimes I wish I was a front seater.  I see so many women bikers and more often than not, I wish I was one of them.  How many of you women are riders?  Did you start young?  Did you pick it up later in life?  I know many of both!  When I was much younger, my roommate had a mini bike.  I loved riding all over on that.  We would be camping and I would ride it up and down the gravel roads, sometimes too fast, sometimes getting chased by a dog. I loved the feeling of riding fast, the wind blowing in my face and hair.  So, I did learn the basics of riding a bike, I am just not so sure that I could do it now.  Obviously the bike would be bigger and harder to handle. And I am not so sure I now want the responsibility of keeping myself safe on a bike. Having 4 kids turned me into a constant worrier! Yet, I DO still worry riding behind my husband.  Do I always feel safe with him being the one responsible for our safety? No. Almost never.  Motorcycles are one of those good/bad things. Riding on a beautiful day is an incredible feeling, but motorcycles can be extremely dangerous.  Even if you are an expert rider, you are somewhat left out in the open, to the mercy of others.  Drivers of cars sometimes have a hard time seeing motorcycles. BUT as in most things in life, you cannot live in fear, for if you do, you miss out on life.  So I try to put my fears in check and get on that back seat and enjoy the ride. I am just not so sure I could ever be a front seater now, though!  So, which one are you?  Are you a front seater or a back seater?


  1. I am a backseater… for life, I think. I took lessons and passed the written exam but chickened out on the driving exam. I had my first ride at a time in my life when I was experiencing panic attacks. Talk about a baptism by fire! Anxiety had to take a back seat too! What was and continues to be so good for me about being the passenger is the fact that I have to/get to relinquish control and to trust that my husband doesn’t want either of us to die and trust that God is watching out for us. Riding is an indescribably joyous experience (no pun intended, Joy) each time. Now I have the additional benefit of being part of a new community and making new friends at a time when my job keeps me pretty isolated. It’s all good!

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