Living Life Joyfully

Spiritual Coaching

With Paula Biondo

At Living Life Joyfully, we believe that life is a profound journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. Led by Paula Biondo, a seasoned holistic guide and intuitive teacher, our mission is to help you unlock your inner wisdom, find purpose, and embrace a life filled with joy. With personalized coaching and intuitive guidance, we empower you to navigate life’s challenges, set meaningful goals, and tap into your unique potential. Join us on this transformative path and discover the profound joy that comes from living your best life.

How I Help

Through coaching, healing, and meditation, I provide guidance and support to help you unlock your inner potential, find peace, and live a life of purpose and joy.


Discover your inner wisdom, align with your true purpose, and navigate life’s path with clarity through our transformative spiritual coaching.


Embark on a 10-week transformative journey, where meditation cultivates inner serenity, enabling you to reconnect with your inner wisdom, guided by Paula to illuminate your spiritual path and understand the rhythms of your life.


Unlock the power of self-trust and inner guidance as Paula leads you on a transformative journey to connect with your spirit, evaluate and reshape your belief system, heighten self-awareness, release old thought patterns, and make healthy decisions for a fulfilling life.

about me

Welcome to Living Life Joyfully!

Hello, I’m Paula Biondo, a seasoned holistic guide with a world of experience.

Life Coach

Nurturing your personal growth and transformation with tailored coaching.

Intuit Teacher

Awakening your inner wisdom and spiritual potential through intuitive guidance.

My holistic expertise encompasses Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, and more. With over two decades of experience, I’m here to guide you on your spiritual journey, helping you find purpose and joy in life.

My approach is deeply personalized, recognizing that each individual’s path is unique. Through intuitive coaching and healing techniques, I’ll assist you in unlocking your inner wisdom, facilitating spiritual growth, and fostering a profound connection with your true self. No matter where you are in the world, we can embark on this transformative journey together.

Join me in discovering a life filled with purpose, joy, and spiritual enlightenment. Your journey starts here.

Life is a Journey

Through our programs offered, embrace the journey to finding the authentic you.

Why do you need Spiritual Coaching?

Because it’s the transformative journey that empowers you to discover your inner wisdom, find clarity in your purpose, and navigate life with boundless joy. Learn more about how spiritual coaching can enrich your life.

Discover and Awaken Your Spiritual Self

Our Transformative Workshops: Unleash Joy and Spiritual Growth

Mindfulness Retreats

Our mindfulness retreats are a haven of acceptance, providing a safe space to nurture self-discovery, unveiling a treasure trove of insights, fresh perspectives, and boundless love and joy – a transformative journey to unearth and share your unique gift with the world.

May 2023

May 8th – May 5th

Embark on a transformative 4-day workshop, where we explore mindfulness, spiritual growth, and energy work to release the past, set healthy boundaries, and unleash your inner potential for a more joyful life.

June 2023

June 5th – June 8th

Join us for an enlightening 4-day workshop, where we delve into mindfulness, energy work, and spiritual growth, allowing you to shed the past, nurture self-discovery, and embrace a path to greater joy.