What Will Your Imprint Be?

For some reason, upon awakening this morning, I thought about this. I am not sure why.  Maybe it is because of the loss of too many people lately.  Maybe it is the possibility of losing others. For whatever reason, I got to thinking about it.


When you read that question, what came to your mind?  Did you think in the larger scope of life? Did you think about the ‘big’ things?  I think that is what we might naturally first think about. You might not have written a book, became a famous singer or actor, painted a famous picture, or anything like that. Is that the kind of imprint you want to leave behind?  If it is, I hope it happens for you.

I am thinking more of all of the other things.  The little things, if you will.  They may seem like little things to us, but maybe not to someone else.  I am thinking of things like being a parent, a teacher.  No, they are NOT small things, but maybe common things that happen, or we become that we don’t realize how much of a difference they can make. I bet we all have a teacher or two that made a difference in our life, one that we will never forget. Do you think they knew that?  Of course bringing children in the world leaves an imprint on it.  Just think the imprints they can also leave in the world!

Did you ever give someone a hug that meant the world to them?


Did you answer the phone when someone needed someone to talk to? Did you smile at a stranger not knowing you may have just made a difference in their day?

Did you rescue an abandoned animal?


Leaving an imprint doesn’t have to mean doing something ‘big’!  Each day we are leaving our imprints on the world-on the people in it.  I sometimes wonder during my travels or my every day life, if I have met some people for a reason.  I remember many who left their imprint on my life. Some I never knew their name and sometimes it may be for small reasons. But it was left just the same.

Think about it today for a bit.  I bet you can come up with more ways than you could imagine as to how you are leaving your imprint in the world and in the life of those around you!  I hope that even one of my posts might leave a small one in yours. Your comments, and just by you reading this, you leave an imprint in mine!

Random Picture Tuesday-October 28

Thanks to Google picking a random number today! I figured I might as well try something new.  Here is the picture.  #44!


I have mentioned in the past our travels to Washington, D.C. for the National Inclusion Project’s yearly gala.  I always book an extra day for downtime or sightseeing.  Obviously in Washington, D.C. there is a LOT to see.  We had so little time to see so much and I feel a return trip in the future is necessary!

The Smithsonian was not far from our hotel.  With it being such a large complex of museums, and us of little time, we had to pick the one we wanted to go through the most. The National Museum of American History. So much to see, to take in. I remember being in the room with artifacts and pictures from the Twin Towers. I had such an overwhelming feeling of sadness, I had to exit that room.

This particular photo is obviously the display of the hat that Abraham Lincoln was wearing the night he was assassinated. To stand there, looking at that, and understanding that this man was real and he was actually wearing that was surreal to say the least.

I can’t even begin to tell you about all the displays and artifacts this museum holds.  It is a must see.  A must experience!

You can read about it more on their website.


Share Your World-2014 Week 43

What is your favorite time of day?

Mornings.  Specifically early mornings.  I love the quiet and peace of an early morning, still in my robe, sipping my coffee.  Nothing like it.  No stress, no hassle. Living in the country, I get to see the most beautiful sunrises, which is obvious by my past blogs.  But there are nothing like them.  No two are alike and they never ever fail to awe me.


What’s your favorite charitable cause and why?

National Inclusion Project.  They have worked so hard to bring inclusive programs to recreational programs all over the country.  All children belong and should be together and participate!  I have a son with a disability.  For all of his school years, we fought for it. A lot at first and not as much later.  He shouldn’t have had to ‘prove’ himself to anyone.  ALL children matter and have that right to belong.  When the National Inclusion Project was founded 11 years ago, I was excited to see an organization focused on a subject so close to my heart!

You should check them out!


How do you like to spend a rainy day?

Baking.  Or reading.  Or writing.  It is usually something creative.  Inside. Warm, dry and cozy!


When writing by hand do you prefer to use a pencil or pen?

Always and forever, a pen.  Not just any pen.  Has to be fine point and has to have black ink!

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

Why is this one getting so hard?  I am always grateful for every day. Family. Friends. Creativity.  Last week?  All of that.  And?  Started updating my blog. Always forward!

Most looking forward to?  Making plans. For more blogs.  More writing.  More so, though, I am looking forward to the things mentioned above.  The every day things that I am always grateful for.


We Are Deep Into Fall-And You Know What That Means…


THIS comes next!

Yup, this is me.  I should be enjoying the beauty of fall.  Don’t get me wrong. I do.  I love everything about fall.  The colors of the trees when they change are incredible.


(Photo by Beth Ann Brown Chiles used by permission)

I love pumpkin anything, so it goes without saying I would love the season of the pumpkin. Pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin froyo, pumpkin lattes…. Think I am getting hungry!

But I know what is coming.


Cold. Snow. Blizzards. Ice….

As harsh as it can be like in the first picture, it can also be very beautiful.


It still gets old and long very fast. We complain but we stay. You may wonder why.

We always get to look forward to spring and summer.  Spring is my favorite season. It is a time of renewal.  I love seeing everything turn green again. After the cold and white of winter, the green and warmth are more than welcome. They are necessary.


One of the best things about living in the Midwest that people will tell you is the changing of the seasons. It is something I love. There is something beautiful in each one.

Yes, I will complain about the cold and the snow, especially if it is happening every other day. I will still keep you updated on Facebook as to the weather situation and I will still get ribbed about it. But I will still find the beauty in the new snow and I will look forward to the warmth and renewal of the spring!

Random Picture Tuesday on Wednesday

I do know that yesterday was my Random Picture Tuesday day.  I was given two different numbers to pick from but the pictures just didn’t work or give me anything to write about that would be different.  Do you really need to see another sunrise or another New York City picture?  Not at the moment, I didn’t think.  I tried all day, and nothing.  So I decided to try this morning.  And I got this.


This is a picture truly different from my others. It should be a Throwback Thursday picture. This one goes WAY back!  It was taken when I was in high school!

My creative writing/journalism/newspaper advisor teacher came to us right out of college. It was a bit strange having a teacher in high school that was barely older than you were.  I remember many times her first year that the guys in the class would make her cry and she would leave the room!  She ended up being one of my favorite teachers ever.  I was the yearbook editor and she was the advisor for that and I learned a lot about picture placement and white space that I still use today. (I wish many had learned what we had and would use it.  I can’t tell you how it makes me cringe when a picture is placed to that it looks like someone is looking off the page!)

But about this picture!

Our teacher was dating the town’s newspaper editor at the time and he got an invite to an evening with Roy and Dale Rogers.  Their son was with them too.  She brought three of us from the high school paper with her.  It was an interesting evening. When we got our picture taken with Roy, the lady to the left ran up and got in it.  She is not our teacher and I have no idea who she was!  The girl in the middle was our editor.  I wonder sometimes where she ended up.  Then there is me.  No comment.  Okay, one…nice hair!  Hey, it was the 70’s!

Then Bill, may he RIP!   Bill was one great fun friendly guy!  We had some great times.  I remember several years ago, seeing his obituary in the paper.  He had moved to California.  They had found him in his home, passed away.  I never heard why.  I just knew I was sad knowing he was gone and gone too soon.  Somehow we seem to lose a lot of good people far too soon!

Share Your World-2014 Week 42

What would be your preference, awake before dawn or awake before noon?

Another easy easy question for me.  Before dawn. Always. Every day. There is something quite special about the quiet solitude of the early morning. Of course, if you have read here at all, you know how much I LOVE the sunrises in the country!  There is nothing as beautiful!




I could fill this up with sunrise pictures!  I know you have seen that last one, but I had to include it-it is one of the most beautiful cloud picture at sunrise I have ever taken!

If you could choose between Wisdom and Luck, which one would you pick?

Wisdom. There are just so many reasons for picking wisdom over luck. I feel wisdom is more valuable by far. If you are wise or have wisdom, then why would you even need luck.  Luck is so random, anyhow. I don’t want to gain things, or live a life led by luck.

If you were given the opportunity for free skydiving lessons would you take them? Why or why not?

If I was 100% guaranteed that it would go perfect, then, MAYBE.  Not going to lie, the thought of jumping out of an airplane, while I am sure is exhilarating, scares me.  Now, if we go by the last question, since I don’t have luck, but wisdom, I would say, I would be WISE enough not to, knowing it is possible I would not be LUCKY enough to have a successful jump.

Is the glass half empty or half full? What is in the glass?

Always, always, always half full.  It has to be for me. No matter how dark the days are at the time, I have to have the hope for better days. There is always something to be thankful for, something to love! In the glass?  Water. Not sure why…just what I picture is in mine!

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I am stuck on this one.  Wow.  I am sure there must be something to be grateful for.  Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for just about everything! Sometimes it is just finding the joy in the every day things of life. Hey, there is my answer!  I am grateful that I can find the joy in the every day things of life.  I found myself smiling with that gratitude a couple times last week! What am I most looking forward to? Spending time with friends and family and making progress on the de-cluttering of my house!


Having Coffee With My Mom

I am sitting here, like any day, catching up on my email and seeing what is new on Facebook. I have brewed a second pot of coffee and grabbed the coffee cup that I have been using lately, again. IMG_2369 As I grabbed it, I smiled, thinking, I am having coffee with my mom. You see, this was her cup and when I would go visit her, the coffee would be on and this is the cup I would grab to use. It is my ‘coffee with mom’ cup! I often remember going to her house, walking in the back door, seeing her sitting in her chair at the end of the table. She most days would have a book in her hand, a coffee cup in front of her.  If the coffee happened to be out at the moment, she would be sure to brew a new pot so we could have some. I started drinking it in middle school. I have never stopped!  My kids drink it too, and we carry on the tradition of drinking it together. Sometimes at local coffee shops.  I don’t know if they have any particular cup that they would think of as the one they had coffee with mom with, but one of my sons often grabs the one that was my grandmother’s.  I have a couple of hers, too. Jamie has a cup of coffee each morning with breakfast and he always picks one of her cups.  Maybe he likes having coffee with his great grandma! After my stepfather passed away, my mom sold the house and moved to an apartment. I would still go visit and still have coffee in this cup with her.  Truth be told, I sure missed pulling into the driveway of her house and going in that familiar back door, sitting at her kitchen table, having coffee there with her! After the apartment came assisted living and although she had a kitchenette in her apartment there, I don’t recall ever making coffee there.  I would walk down to their common area and grab a cup.  It, of course, was not the same. When my mom passed away, there wasn’t a lot to divide, and I really only wanted something that meant something to me.  Like this cup. It may seem so simple or even silly to some, but it means a lot to me. When I grab a cup of coffee in it, it makes me smile and think of my mom. Sure, it makes me miss her, but I like to think that maybe we are still having a cup of coffee together, still!