Remodeling-A Lesson In Patience

If you have read any of my previous recent blogs, you know that we are remodeling our kitchen.  Sitting here this morning, waiting again, for timetables of when our ‘people’ can come and finish what needs to be done, I got to thinking how normally I am a patient person. At least I used to be. I think if I wasn’t, I may have totally ‘lost it’ by now!

Don’t get me wrong, my kitchen has come a long way and I am loving it. I appreciate everyone who has helped and how some have come right away to do just that.


As you can see, we have gotten far enough to get the appliances delivered and installed. Except we can only look at the dishwasher because we don’t have the countertops and sink in. It is so great to cook on a stove again, but then I get to wash all the dishes in the bathroom, still. Our countertops are done and in town. I am waiting to find out still, when they can be put in.  It is a huge test of patience knowing they are so close and yet, I have no idea when we can get them put in.

Last week we were able to do the flooring in the kitchen. I thought for sure we would get it all done until taking off the old subfloor in the dining room revealed some water damaged floor below it. It has to be repaired before we can go forward and finish that.  I am also waiting, not so patiently, today to hear when that could be. Being in limbo is very hard. I am finding not only is this a lesson in patience, but finding that living in a huge room filled with clutter is hard.

It is disconcerting not only to have so much stuff piled around in totes, boxes and in the open, but also to not know where everything is in that mess. I keep thinking ‘soon’.

SOON, I will hear when it will get done, SOON, I will be able to put everything back in place. SOON, I hope, the patience will return and I won’t feel so unsettled in my own home.

Hopefully, soon, I will be back with the before, during and after pictures and I can share a happy ending of this process with you all!

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Wordless Wednesday



Share Your World-2015 Week #20

What is the most important thing that you ever learned? (I bet it’s not something you learned in school)

This is a TOUGH one today, as I have learned so so much. Before 2002, I would say it was something my mom said to me over the phone when I was considering changing my academic direction. I had fretted about it, mostly because I fretted about telling her and hearing I was quitting something again. She surprised me by telling me I had to do what made ME happy, that was the most important. You could have knocked me over with a feather. It was unexpected but I have never forgot her telling me that. I have often told me children the same thing. After 2002, I learned that you have to live your life and not just go through the motions. You have to do things that you enjoy, go places you want to see. Life is short you and you never know what the next day brings. You have to do ‘what makes you happy!”

What feeds your enthusiasm for life? 

A lot of things.  Traveling to places I never thought I would see. Seeing things I didn’t expect to ever get to see. Experiencing it all. And also, nature. I love to be outside and feel that warm breeze. I have said it before but I truly do love that. It just makes me thankful and makes me feel alive.


What’s your most memorable (good or bad) airplane commercial or private flight?

The first one that comes to mind is a long long LONG time ago, I had a friend who had a family member who worked for an airline. I wanted to go out to visit him, so he got me a standby ticket. I am in Iowa and he was in New Mexico.  To say it was an adventure on planes in an understatement. I ‘got’ to sit in a couple small airports wondering if and when I would get on a plane.  These were really small planes. I remember feeling like the seats were small kindergarten chairs. I was up front for one of the flights and I could see through the little brown curtains that closed off the cockpit, just how fast we were going. On one of the planes, we got into a thunderstorm. If you have ever been on a small plane in a thunderstorm, you might know why I still remember this one. The plane was bouncing around. A LOT. It was a bit scary. There was a couple in front of me and the whole time, the girl was yelling, “We are all going to die!”  I was glad when that one landed safely!

If you were a great explorer, what would you explore?

This one is tough. I at first thought mountains. Maybe it would be mountains all over the world.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

Last week the floor in the kitchen got done.  The hubby and I put the planks down on Saturday and we both survived to tell about it! Trust me, that is a big thing!


Of course what I am looking forward to the most is related to the remodel. Appliances should be here today and the countertops are done and should be here by the end of the week.


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Music With Meaning

I have touched on this time and again, but today I have somehow been inspired to write a blog about just this subject. I know we all have those songs that as soon as we hear them, mean something in our life. They might make us think of situations, or maybe a song is ‘your song’. They might reminder you of places or people.

Then there are the songs that for whatever reason, remind us each time of those passed on.


I have several of those. This is my most recent addition. March 2nd, after the funeral of Amy Hild and before I learned that my brother died that day, this song came on the radio. I had thought it was because I just left that funeral and after I got the call about my brother, I had other ideas.  I hadn’t heard this song for years and now, it plays every so often, including yesterday at a time I really needed to hear it. Even so, if made me cry.

Another one I often hear sometimes is one that came on after my mom died.  I think of her whenever I hear it and maybe when I need to think of her. It often plays at times when I am stressed or sad.  That one is “Yesterday” by the Beatles.

One other one that really gets to me is “Knocking On Heaven’s Door” by Guns N Roses.  My brother in law requested that it be played at his funeral ‘someday’, which came much too soon. It can make me cry and once it gave me much comfort, too.

What songs have meaning to you and why? I would love to hear!


Forty Seven Years Later-I Remember

People have given me a hard time for being a weather watcher. I often say it was inherited from my mom, who we sometimes called “Helen Weather”. I think we came by it after living through the Charles City, Iowa tornado.

May 15, 1968.

I remember.

I was only ten but I can remember much of that day like it was yesterday! I was in the Fourth grade at Central Elementary in Charles City.  It had been a very hot and humid day, especially for so early in the year. After school, I walked to our church, First United Methodist Church, for choir practice. The skies changed and some very heavy rain moved in.  I remember waiting for my mom to come pick me up from practice, watching it rain hard and seeing most everyone else leave. I finally called her and asked her if she was going to come pick me up. She asked me where I was. Two hours after school and ten years old-I thought she probably should know!

She came after what seemed forever, which really wasn’t.  I climbed into our station wagon and we went home. We pulled into the driveway and walked in and at the same time, Bart of Bart’s Clubhouse-a popular children’s show that was on our local channel-was announcing a tornado heading towards Charles City. He said to take cover immediately. We all went to the basement, huddling under the stairway located in the back of the house. We had one extra person, as my mom was a den leader for boy scouts and one of the boys was still at our house. (I can’t imagine how worried his mom was!)

I remember being scared. Terrified. I remember holding someone’s hand. Maybe mom’s. It seems as we waited, time stood still. It was loud and pouring and then it was silent and the lights went out. I knew that meant bad things. I knew it was time. My stepfather was a camper dealer and my brother watched as the flew against the church next door.

Suddenly it was over. The front of our house was in the basement. I was glad the back hadn’t fallen in too since that is where we were.  The whole right side had been torn off. My stepfather told us to sit because he had to go shut the gas off before we could try to get out. Finally, we made our way to one of the small windows on the left side of the basement. Some neighbors helped us out. Our house happened to be the last one that was damaged. It was not original to the foundation, so maybe that had something to do with it. It didn’t matter, it was destroyed. We were basically homeless like so many others that night.


Luckily my aunt lived a couple blocks away. A couple of the younger ones had to be carried because they had no shoes on. We were told to be careful as there were wires hanging down and we had to make sure we didn’t touch them. My aunt was surprised to see us, thinking we were coming down to check on them. Her household of six suddenly increased to sixteen for awhile. I know that night it stormed again and many of us kids were terrified that another tornado would hit again. I got to go to Girl Scout camp that summer free because we lost our house and I remember having a tornado warning during it. We had to go down into a ravine. I am not sure IF a tornado hit just how safe that would be. There were a lot of frightened girls that day!

After the tornado, our town was a mess. We had only the clothes on our back-I had on a gold sweater and blue pleated skirt! There was no, or limited phone access.  People were not allowed in or out. Thirteen people had lost their lives that day. Houses, businesses, trees were gone. The school year was cut short that year. I sat at the end of my aunt’s block the day the demolished our house and watched. Where our house once was, would soon be a parking lot for the church next door that was still standing.

We found a house to rent right across the street from my aunts. I bet she was glad to get her house back to normal! The house we rented was too small, really for a family of ten, but it was a place to live for awhile. We moved about a year later, or I think it was that long. It was to a house across town, so no more running across the street to hang with my cousins!  But, it was a bigger house that had much more room for us.

To this day, I am a weather watcher. I admit it! After experiencing the Charles City tornado, and seeing first hand what can happen, I don’t think it is a surprise that I am!


Wordless Wednesday



Share Your World-2015 Week #19

I am finding as I read through the wonderful Share Your World questions each week, that I cannot answer most with an either/or answer.  Most of the time I like/prefer/choose both.  It might depend on some circumstances but I am finding and I am not surprise, by the way, that I am definitely not a this or that kind of person. Case in point…here are my answers for this week!

Would you prefer a one floor house or multiple levels?

I love the character of two story houses and I love having bedrooms upstairs.  I like coming down in the morning to complete quiet to have my coffee. On the other hand, a one floor house is very convenient.  It felt much safer to be close to the kid’s bedrooms when they were little and being able to hear them. It was also great to be able to be within earshot when you have a child with a disability. I am thankful that when he had his seizures, I was right here and could run in and help him.  One other great thing, is that your laundry is handy, too. There is no lugging heavy baskets up and down stairs. We have lived in a one level house for many years now and it has been good. (There is the bonus of a basement so although all the main living is on the first floor, you have the option of another floor.)


If you have a TV, would you prefer the TV in the living room or another room?

Yes. See? Just not one answer.  If I ‘had’ to pick one room, of course it would be the living room.  It is the central gathering room of the house, where everyone can watch together. I do love having one in the bedroom-I can’t seem to go to sleep without it.

When you leave a room, do you turn the lights off behind you or keep the lights on throughout your house most of the time? Explain your answer.

Again, yes. What can I say?  I do both. I get up pretty early, in the dark, so I turn on the lights. I don’t want to run into anything. Besides, how else can I find that coffee cup? At night, I like for them to be off. Strange, do you think?  I even like to watch tv in the dark.

What’s your favorite room in your home?

Depends.  Every room obviously, has a different purpose.  I do love love love the kitchen. Hopefully I will have one soon! Progress is being made. It shouldn’t be long now!


The kitchen is such a great area to gather.  We are a cooking family and there is nothing like a get-together or a holiday with family and friends and food! The kitchen was always the place we would be at my grandmother’s and my mom’s! A room that can you can make great memories in!

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

There is a lot to be grateful for as always. I am grateful again for progress and for continued healing of my sore muscles. (Almost there!) I am grateful to celebrate my 29th Mother’s Day. It has been a blessing to be a mom to four wonderful people!

In the coming week, I am looking forward to much more progress in the kitchen and for that I am VERY grateful! It hasn’t been easy, but it will be worth it.


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